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Joshua Vavala, a lifetime resident of Weston, CT, has made a name for himself in boxing and personal training.  At the age of nine Vavala began boxing as he was coached daily by his father Raffaele Vavala, who continues to push Josh today.  His devotion and persistance as a true student of boxing has made him what he is today, an up and coming amateur star with a very bright future.  For the past twelve years he has been training and studying the sport of boxing.  In 2006, Vavala fought in his first match and officially began his amateur boxing career.  His commitment to the sport has allowed him to excel in sparring matches and convinces many that he will become a great success as an amateur and eventually turn pro.  Vavala is currently training out of The Calasanz gym in Norwalk, CT.

Aside from boxing, Joshua Vavala excels in the field of personal training where his effectiveness is shown through his client's results.  Vavala's clientele consists of both youths and adults where he has assisted them in activities such as weight lifting, cardiovascular training, and nutritional advice.  Joshua Vavala is currently studying
criminal justice at Norwalk Community College while training for his boxing career daily.

Josh is available as a personal trainer through The Calasanz System.  Under the instruction and guidance from Calasanz and his father Ralph, Josh teaches Calasanz Physical Arts, for those looking to increase their level of fitness in the areas of strength, flexability, speed, balance, and coordination;  competitve boxing for those considering a career in the sport, and recreational boxing, for those who do not wish to compete but want all the pyhsical and self defense benefits of training like a boxer.


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